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The girl who walk in pink.

【Bon Bon Dating X 素顏天使 有獎問答遊戲】

亦舒名句之一:「人們喜歡的是一些人,結婚的卻是另一些人。」,不知有否為大家帶來甚麼感想或喚起甚麼經歷和回憶?請在遊戲頁留言以150字分享,然後由著名博客素顏天使選出最動人的10位。勝出的 10 位得獎者可獲得「Doctor Li Laboratories Beauty Lounge」全套免費面部護理療程一次*,總值高達 HK$3,888!


Prioritize your relationship

Most of us talk a big game about the importance of our marriage or love relationship, but when the rubber meets the road…


1. Happiness is my birthright. I embrace happiness as my set point state of being. 2. I feel joy and contentment in this moment right now. 3. I awaken in the morning feeling happy and enthusiastic about life.4. I can tap into a wellspring of inner happiness anytime I wish.


男女大不同   男人,似乎認為女人在有瓦遮頭的地方等待,便不算等待。 有瓦遮頭的地方包括大學宿舍、辦公室、家。 莫名其妙的等待好討厭。男人要結束等待,不一定要出現,來一個電話/短訊便可以了。 我睡眠不足,還要讓莫名其妙的等待折騰,非常討厭,而且不幸。 男人,似乎認為女人在有瓦遮頭的地方等待,便不算等待。是否因為這樣,給了女人一個家的男人,便可輕輕鬆鬆地讓女人在家裏,一夜一夜地等? 可別誤會啊,我尚沒有給男人給我一個家。 亦舒筆下的女角常苦澀地說自己家裏,便是連一顆釘子,也是自己買的;這很可以引以為傲,可這又有甚麼意思呢? 我嘛,那幅白色框的畫還未掛,因為呢,我還沒有空兒去買釘子。

Old Love Tune: City of Troy For Paris and Helen

“Judgment of Paris” by Louis Grell 1937 oil on canvas Greek mythology told us that the love between Paris and Helen provoked the downfall of the city of Troy.  Pariscthe Trojan prince Paris was asked to decide which of three goddesses – Hera, Athena and Aphrodite – is the fairest.


  Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone, Meeting With Your Destiny. Bon Bon Dating is the magic of Serendipity governed by the Motto: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone, Meeting With Your Destiny. We always stay in our own comfort zones and do not being motivated to make a move. Meanwhile, we are


The business process of Bon Bon Dating is:   Interested clients contact Bon Bon Dating via phone at 852-3978 2138 during office hours and suggest three sixty minutes of time slots for initial conversation; Bon Bon Dating consultants will touch base with potential clients in three business days to introduce the services

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