The business process of Bon Bon Dating is:


  1. Interested clients contact Bon Bon Dating here Sign-up Form during office hours and suggest three 30-minutes of time slots for Video initial conversation;
  2. Bon Bon Dating consultants will touch base with potential clients in three business days to introduce the services and next steps;
  3. Enrollment with selected membership package. Payment will be settled via bank transfer;
  4. The Double D Questionnaires: Bon Bon Dating consultants will get in touch and meet in person one on one with enrolled members, whom we call them “Bon Bon Dating Candidates”, to get a confidential profile of the candidates in respect to education background, work and life, and relationship goals. Bon Bon Dating will put a profile for every candidate for further matchmaking purpose. Bon Bon Dating will not release any personal details without proper delegation and consent. For busy professional, online surveying is also possible;
  5. Matching by Bon Bon Dating;
  6. When a match happens, Bon Bon Dating will reach out to the guy to ask for his consent to release his profile (one close shot and wide shot, plus 100-150 writ-up in English) to the girl;
  7. If guy says YES, the  guy’ profile is sent to the girl;
  8. If girl is interested and open for dating with the guy, her profile will be sent to the guy.
  9. If both the guy and girl are interested and want a move after seeing the profile of the other sides, Bon Bon Dating will arrange a meetup, usually it is a lunch, dinner or tea meeting, in a public venue, will be arranged.
  10. Dating happens.
  11. Bon Bon Dating will assist throughout during the interacion. And we are ready to help if any assistance on arranging a date is needed and personnel due diligence.
  12. Follow-up and facilitation of the second meetup, if necessary.

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