How much?

There are a wide range of membership schemes, ranging from free to HKD 40,800. Every arrangement can be different from each another. The consultation fee will be customised according to your requirement and Bon Bon Dating’s estimation of extra miles to be gone to accomplish each single case.

The below price options are for reference only, exact amount will be come up by both Bon Bon and each and every clients:

Service Packages
1. Thirty (30)-minutes Free face-to-face consultation   Price: FREE
2. Sixty (75)-minutes *Due Diligence, **Dynamic Cognitive Analysis (The Double D Questionnaire)   Price: HKD 3,000 [compulsory] 
3. Three (3)-years ***membership Price: HKD 1,000 [elective]
4. Trail Package:  One (1) date over  twelve (6) moths Price: HKD 3,800 [optional]
5. Three (3) dates over twenty-four (24) months Price: HKD 9,800 [optional]
6. Six (6) dates over twenty-four (24) months Price: HKD 16,800 [optional]
7. Eig(12) dates over twenty-four (24) months Price: HKD 33,800 [optional]
8. Unlimited dates over twenty-four (24) months Price: HKD 40,800 [optional]
9. One (1)-hour Consultation on styling, manner, table manner, and gentlemen gesture or lady manner Price: HKD 4,000 [elective]

*Up to the Best Practice level of Due Diligence at the Banking and Finance industry will be performed at every potential incoming dating candidate to verify candidates’ background information. This is a fact finding exercise to make sure that every piece of data we received from our incoming dating candidates is just and valid. Hence to control the credit risk.

**During the Dynamic Cognitive Analysis, incoming potential dating candidates would be asked to answer 40-60 questions which will dictate the inner drive, the desire, the exception, the priority and the lift goals of the incoming potential dating candidates. The Analysis helps Bon Bon Dating to match in a more precise way, while assists the incoming dating candidates to understand themselves in a way away from their comfort zones.

***Members will receive electronic Bon Bon Dating Tips every month,  invitations to matching events, beauty and outfits seminars and other parties at a dicounted price. Membership from the date joined is valid for  twenty-four (24) months.



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